These 10 Mysteries About Famous Icons Will Surprise You

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6. Hidden Message In Cafe Terrace At Night A Painting From Van Gogh

Cafe Terrace At Night A Painting From Van Gogh

Cafe Terrace at Night is an oil painting by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh painted in 1888. It is suggested from the findings that this painting is an allusion to The Last Supper, a painting of Da Vinci.  It is said that Cafe Terrace at Night also has 12 people dining at the cafe as in The Last Supper. One of the interesting facts is that the color used in painting tells the artist’s work. The orange, yellow, and green colors show ‘lights on’ moment in the dark blue night. And we can notice shadow before the cafe shows the direction of the moon. The walls in the street house are blue, showing the reflection of light of the sky. The dark zigzag lines between yellow and white in the street show it as a real pathway.


7. The Eiffel Tower’s Secret Apartment

Eiffel Tower’s Secret Apartment

The Eiffel Tower is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built it. Its height is about 324 meters, and the tallest structure in Paris. It was built as an entrance arc for the world’s fair hosted by Paris in 1889.

eiffel tower apartment

It is famous for its height and construction, but there is one secret apartment at the top of the tower. Gustave Eiffel designed it for himself, and no one is allowed to access it. He invited Edison to present him one of the phonographs, a new invention.

There is another secret next to a private apartment, a military bunker with an entrance a few feet from the south pillar.


8. The Number 7 And The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty

The statue of liberty is a neoclassical sculpture presented by the French people to the people of the United States. French Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi designs it. The hidden reason behind the 7 spikes on its crown is that it represents the 7 seas and 7 continents of the world.

The number 7 does not only have the reason of presence in spikes, and also the 16 leaves on the torch also built with the idea of 7 in minds. Like if we add numbers 1 and 6, you will get 7. In the same way, 25 windows are there whose addition of digits also ends in 7 like 2+5=7.


9. How Ermine Comes In Leonardo Da Vinci’s Painting

Ermine in Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting

The lady with ermine is a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. The ermine in the portrait symbolizes purity. The research showed that da Vinci kept changing his mind while painting this portrait. It is revealed that it has several layers in which one it did not paint with ermine.


10. Colored Ancient Greek Sculptures

Ancient Greek sculptures

It is the thought of everyone that ancient classical sculptures are not colored, and it’s merely white marble. But there is evidence got that many statues are painted in colors. There was a chance for the color to be weathered off with time and removed during cleaning.

Now technology has improved to find the color of the original paintings with the tiny traces that remained attached to the statue. The colors used in the Ancient Greeks statue represent the status.

Art is the outcome of creativity; the creator has always had his own perspective in creating art. All these artwork have many secrets hidden behind its creation. Learn it and reveal it.

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