These Interesting Jobs That Will Make You Quit Your Regular Job

Interesting Jobs

If you are bored in the 9 to 5 jobs and looking for an amazing job, then there are some interesting jobs in the world that you will enjoy.


1. Island Caretaker

Island Caretaker

It is a six-month contract job, and you will be provided with return airfare and accommodation. The job is you need to promote the Great Barrier Reef Island to the world. The things you should do in this job are diving, swimming, snorkeling, mixing up with locals, and maintaining a blog and photo diary. It is the best job that you can enjoy in the six months.

Salary: INR 2,19,27,675 per year.


2. Job For A Chocolate Lover


No one will miss the profession if it is required to taste the chocolate is their job. The Chocolate taster is the job in which you need to taste the chocolate and provide honest reviews. Many industries provide a wide range of chocolates, from high street brands to different types of niches.

Salary: INR 43,85,535 per year.


3. Professional Sleeper


It will be surprising that you will be paid for sleeping. The professional sleeper is the job where you need to sleep. The person is allowed to sleep for medical purposes to test the sleep pattern and heart rate. Sometimes they are recruited to test mattresses, pillows, and quilts.

Salary: INR 40 lakhs per year.


4. Netflix Tagger

Netflix Ideas

If you would have ever thought there will be a job in which watching live TV shows and movies are job responsibilities. Yes, Netflix recruits people for a role called taggers who will be paid for watching TV shows and movies. It will not just end with watching streamlining, and they have to tag them related to the content. This will help Netflix in streaming the content.

Salary: $100 per week.


5. Professional Zombie

Humans made into zombies by technology

Some people would like to scare others with different poses and sounds. Here is the job for those people, titled professional zombie. The London Dungeons Experience currently recruits 50 employees to dress up as the living dead and scares the people coming over. This is a fun and nice jobbing to scary others with zombie look.

Salary: INR 4000 for 8 hours.

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