These Interesting Jobs That Will Make You Quit Your Regular Job

Interesting Jobs

6. Water Slide Tester

Some of The Most Exciting Water Parks In The World

There is a job with thrill and adventure who loves to ride in the water. It is nothing but a water slide tester job. It is the job to test the water slides to ensure the tourist a better and water splash holiday to visitors. You are always needed to move to sunny destinations, and you should be physically strong to fit into the job.

Salary: INR 16 lakhs per year.


7. Get Paid To Taste The Beer

Interesting Jobs

Suppose you love the glasses of beer, then here the Beer Taster job for you. The job is to taste different beers and should give your suggestions. Like every job, it has matching criteria that you should have good and strong stamina to drink the line of beers with different tastes.

Salary: INR 35 lakhs per year.


8. Vacation Pro


If you are a person of loving travel, then this job will suit you. Tourism companies employ experts and train them to learn all the stuff that can be encountered during a holiday. With all this stuff, they can help the paid customer if they are facing any issues in enjoying the vacation.

Salary: INR 14,61,845 per year.


9. Rented Boyfriend

Feel Insecure

Did you hear that you get paid by renting yourself? Yes, there is a job to act like a boyfriend, and you will be paid. There are many websites having thousands of friends around the world to offer a boyfriend.

Salary: INR 3428 per hour.


10. Condom Tester

Couples cuddling wife

The Durex marketing manager Sam White created a new job for Australians over the age of 18, which is called a condom tester. The applicant can apply for one of 200 positions.

Salary: Rs 21 lakhs per year.

Are you not amazed by these fascinated jobs? Which job surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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