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Mucormycosis Known As Black Fungus Infection In Covid 19 Patients: It’s Symptoms, Treatment, And Prevention

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The Coronavirus pandemic has been wreaking havoc in the world since November 19. There are a few possible vaccines and drugs are available that work against the virus. Recently, DRDO has created a new anti covid drug, 2DG, that is supposed to bring a sigh of relief. However, another medical condition has been observed among the covid patients. The medical condition is termed Mucromycosis, and it is also known as Black Fungus. The Black fungus can affect the human body parts in harmful ways. Let us take a look at Mucromycosis, its effects, preventions, and treatment.


A Rare Fungus Infection In COVID-19 Patients

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Mucormycosis (previously known as Zygomycosis) is a severe but rare fungal infection caused by a group of molds called mucormycetes. These molds live throughout the environment. It is commonly found in soil and air and also present in the nose and mucous of a healthy person.


How It Affects The Body?

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It affects the sinuses, brain, and lungs and can be life-threatening in case of diabetes. The COVID-19 patients with severe health issues or taking medicines that lower the body’s ability to fight germs and sickness like kidney transplant patients, severely immune-compromised patients such as HIV/ AIDS.


Symptoms Of Rhinocerebral (Sinus And Brain)

brain issues

It includes one-sided facial swelling, headache, and nasal or sinus congestion, black lesions on the nasal bridge or upper inside of the mouth that quickly become more severe fever. Moreover, some pulmonary symptoms include fever, cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Some Cutaneous (skin) symptoms are also observed in several patients. The cutaneous symptoms encompass blisters or ulcers, and the infected area may turn black. Other symptoms include pain, warmth, excessive redness, or swelling around a wound. Apart from these symptoms, a few symptoms of gastrointestinal mucormycosis, including abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, has been witnessed among the patients.



Coronavirus Impact On Goa

It is difficult not to breathe in fungal spores because the fungus that causes mucormycosis is common in the environment. Protect yourself from the environment. Try to avoid areas with a lot of dust, like construction or evacuation sites. If you can’t avoid then wear N95 masks. Avoid direct contact with dirty water example, floodwater, and after a natural disaster. Avoid activities that involve close contact with soil, and if you cannot, then wear gloves, long shoes, full sleeves shirt.


Diagnosis Of Black Fungus

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Proper medical history, symptoms, physical examination, and labs are finding helps to rule it out. Tissue biopsy is taken from the lungs. CT scan of lungs, sinus, or affected part is done.


What To Do In Covid Patient With Mucormycosis (Black Fungus)

Coronavirus India Timeline

The blood sugar of diabetic patients is to be monitored from time to time, after and before food. A blood sugar chart is to be maintained. A post-COVID diabetic patient should monitor blood glucose level. Steroids should be used in time and in the correct dose. Sterile water should be used during oxygen therapy. Antibiotics and antifungal medications should be given.


A Few Other Medical Treatments

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Other medical treatment includes inserting a central catheter, maintaining systemic hydration by infusing normal saline intravenously. Vital signs should be monitored chronically. Monitor the patient’s condition with laboratory findings, radio imaging before starting the Amphotericin B infusion, and antifungal therapy to detect disease progression.
At home, maintain personal hygiene, clean the floor with disinfectant daily, disinfect the wound twice daily to prevent infection, use an N95 mask before going out, avoid crowded places, and avoid gatherings.

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