Everything About Game-Changing DRDO’s Anti Covid Drug 2DG

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As the country is facing the second wave of coronavirus, India received good news from DRDO. The Drugs Controller of India (DCGI) approves the new Anti-Covid drug developed by DRDO for emergency use. DRDO’s new drug is named 2-deoxy-D-Glucose or 2DG drug. This drug is developed by DRDO’s lab INMAS with the collaboration of Dr. Reddy’s Lab. It is approved as adjacent therapy for moderate to severe cases.


The Initial Trials Of The Drug 2DG


The initial clinical trials of 2DG drugs have shown faster recovery of the patients in the hospital. The officials also added that the patients show better and faster improvement of the symptoms than the standard care. The officials explained the standard care means the primary medicine used in the treatment of COVID patients.


Mechanism Of Action

Anti Covid Drug 2DG

SARSCoV2 loves glucose. It increases its replication, the 2DG drug, totally blocks viral replication by inhibiting glucose flux. The 2DG drug improves the patient’s symptoms and reduces oxygen dependency.


Clinical Trials Of Anti Covid Drug

Anti Covid Drug 2DG

Phase II trial is conducted between May and October last year. Six hospitals were a part of clinical trial phase II (a), and 11 hospitals were part of clinical trial II (b) to determine dose range.

A total of 110 were a part of phase II. The patient shows improvement in symptoms. It shows the difference of 2.5 days in comparison to standard care.


A Ray Of Hope

Anti Covid Drug 2DG

Approved for phase III trial is given in November last year. The trial was conducted in 27 COVID hospitals in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and West Bengal. The trial shows the reduced dependency on oxygen in COVID-19 patients, even in patients aged 65 and above.


Availability Of The Drug

DRDO’s Project Director, Dr. Sudhir, informed the drug to be available by May 11 for emergency use. DRDO’s team is working on the arrangements for the proper distribution of medicine across the hospital.


Expected Cost Of The Drug

No announcement is made about the cost of the medicine. It is said that the cost depends on the manufacturing process and the amount of the medicine. As per the sources, the price ranges between Rs 500- 600. It will be in the budget of the people, and the government may come forward to announce some subsidy too.


Consumption Of The Drug

The 2DG drug comes in powder form in a sachet. It has to be taken orally by mixing it in water.


Possible Side Effects

When asked about the effects and side effects of DRDO’s Anti Covid Drug, Dr. Sudhir Chandana said that the drug is tested with moderate to severe COVID patients; so far, no side effects are shown. All the patients are benefited from this drug.

Hopes are high with the introduction of the new drug 2DG. The country is hoping for a reduction in COVID-19 cases. With the recent approval of drugs and to bring the pandemic under control, we are hoping to break the chain of Coronavirus.

Let’s hope for the best. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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