Mom Gives Birth In Stream Without Midwife



Mom gives birth in stream without midwife

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A mother shared a video of herself giving birth in a stream, without pain relief and a midwife, claims she did it to show how magical the whole experience can be.

Simone is a trained doula, someone who supports women during labour and lives in Park City, Utah.

“I didn’t put the video online to make a statement I simply thought a few people would be interested in what it would be like to give birth in nature and to inspire women that if they wanted to they could have a child outside a hospital,” she explained.

"I remember our mum often telling us when a local lady had her baby and how at the time when she was due to give birth  she simply found a nice spot pushed out the baby breast fed it and wrapped it in a carrier cloth,  tied the child to her back and went about her business."That stuck with me and is one of the reasons I wanted to give birth to Perouze in the wild.", Simone said.

When she realized she was pregnant with her fourth baby, Simone told her partner Nick of her dream. He was supportive so she started researching where she could give birth.

They couldn't use the beach because there was a jellyfish infestation, so the group started looking in a rainforest.

Simone went into labour at 11pm and thought it would be quick because her others had been.

That meant the creek wasn't going to happen – but by 9am the following day she was still having contractions.



Preparing for the birth




And experiencing contractions



Simone's labour went on for hours

And Finally, Perouze entered the world as Simone squatted in the stream.



"I suffered post-natal depression with all my births and this helped, I felt energized and awake.

"The whole experiencing felt empowering and freeing and our beautiful little girl was healthy and fine.

Simone and her family just after she gave birth.



Once Perouze turned one, she decided to post the video on YouTube to prove to other women that anything is possible, although she didn’t expect it to take off as much as it did.

”When her youngest daughter turned one, Simone decided to post the video on YouTube.




"Naturally I would not suggest you try this without talking to doctors and your doula or midwife but as a mum of three children already I felt it was the right decision," she said

"If people watch it and learn just a little something about the birth process or it makes them have a greater understanding of what happens or it builds their confidence to perhaps ask their GP or midwife more questions than I have done my job", she said.



All her daughters have seen the video and it's even inspired a US TV show – although she's had no involvement with it.

Perouze as she is now, at four-and-a-half.




She has set up a Facebook page called Birthing in Nature for anyone interested in the experience though.

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