PM Modi’s Strong Appeal To The Nation Regarding Indian Soldiers

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Speaking on the surgical strikes against Pakistan, PM Modi addressed the nation and asked citizens for a favour.

He asked citizens to honor and respect soldiers who sacrifice their lives to protect the country and make sure that country sleeps peacefully at night.

PM said that the Indian army is an example of humanity.

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He said, “Two years ago, there were devastating floods in Srinagar. The country saw that our jawans in Srinagar were leading the rescue operations. They did not complain that they were serving those who pelt stones at them, extract their eyes and even kill them. When humanity called, they served their countrymen with total dedication".


He also mentioned the army's rescue operations during the Kedarnath-Badrinath natural calamity.




Prime Minister said, "Often in foreign countries, when sitting at airports or railways stations we see that soldiers are given standing ovation by civilians even when they just pass by. Seeing three to four soldiers walk-by, people stand-up and applaud, clap for them”.



He further appealed to the nation, "Can we make this effort slowly and develop a tradition to show respect to our defense forces? These are small factors but make a huge difference in our lives and soldiers' lives."

Here is the speech by Modiji




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