Mithali Raj Got Trolled Over Twitter For Posting An Old Picture

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We all know, social media is now a link between the celebrities and their fans. However, there is more negativity than there is positivity. To conclude, the trollers never miss the opportunity to toss the flavor of criticism over the celebrities. This time the captain of Indian women’s Cricket team, Mithali Raj ended up being the victim of the trollers.


First Captain To Lead The Team Twice In World Cup Finals

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Mithali Raj made her one day debut in 1999. She kept on working hard and kept on impressing everyone with her performance. To conclude, she became the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. Moreover, she is the only Indian captain (men or women) to lead the team to ICC cricket world cup twice (2005, 2017). Undoubtedly, she got a boost in her popularity from the 2017 World Cup.


She Got Her Rights

Likewise any other girl, she got the right to enjoy her life to the fullest. Furthermore, she got the right to wear whatever she wants. However, there are many who like to criticize everyone. Similarly, Mithali Raj got trolled heavily for posting her old picture.


There Is Nothing Controversial


In the picture she is with some of her friends and she is wearing something like a tank top. Although, that something is not uncensored to wear but for many sanskari people it is against her respectful image.


Trolling Game Starts


After posting the pictures, Mithali had to face a series of tweets through which some people were showing their displeasure with her pictures and some were asking her to delete the picture.


Some Came To Defend Her

Undoubtedly, if there is negativity, there is also the positivity. A few came to defend her from the trollers and they made sensible statements in their tweets but the negative comments didn’t stop.

Now it is becoming a new trend to criticize the celebrities on twitter. However, it is an old habit of some people to criticize the dress of a girl. Clearly, with this kind of thinkers, it is hard to imagine the freedom of girls. What is your opinion about it? Share with us.


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