Milind Soman’s Mother Ran With Him Barefoot In His Run! – Inspiring Story



Milind Soman.

The heartthrob of two generations of women and object of jealousy for two generations of men, has been proving he indeed is worth it. Milind Soman has been running between Ahmedabad and Mumbai as a part of  'The Great India Run' in just eight days.

 As for the 'Ironman' himself, this is his third Ahmedabad to Mumbai run. But the scene stealer here was the one person who joined him mid-run.

A video , shared on Aug 3rd, shows Usha Soman, who accompanies her son barefoot and also in a sari,yet not any less than her son.

Here is the link guys, check out!





Everyone says age is just a number, here she is proving it with her actions.



Meet Usha Soman, the marathoner's 78-year-old mother who participated in Milind's run.


Great Indeed. Like mother, like son. heart




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