MH370 Mystery: Detected Signals Raise Hopes Of Breakthrough

MH370 Discovery

Aviation mysteries have always shocked the world. Aircrafts going missing without any trace on the radar leave people petrified. One such mystery is the MH370 aircraft that went missing a decade ago. Recent research and developments have claimed potential breakthroughs in the mystery. Potential progress has been made in the quest for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 by UK researchers. Do you think the new developments will be helpful to solve the mystery? Continue reading to know more about it.


MH370 Mystery And The Potential Breakthrough

MH370 Mystery Solved

Underwater microphones, or hydrophones, may be essential for locating aircraft like MH370 when they crash into the ocean, according to research from Cardiff University. Over 100 hours of data from hydrophone recordings made following ten past aviation accidents and one submarine disappearance were examined in this study. Ten years after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, these findings—which were published in Scientific Reports—offer a framework for managing such future situations and suggest additional research into the aircraft’s last known location.

Dr. Usama Kadri of Cardiff University’s School of Mathematics emphasized that hydrophones were able to pick up pressure signals from previous airplane accidents even when they were located more than 3,000 kilometers away. The aircraft most likely crashed close to the 7th arc, where it last communicated with INMARSAT, according to official examinations into MH370. According to the study, more examination and investigation are thought to be required. These should be done to properly comprehend the signals found and how they relate to the loss of MH370.

Researchers from Cardiff University looked through the data from these underwater microphones and found, according to the Telegraph, a six-second signal that was collected around the moment the plane most likely fell into the Indian Ocean owing to fuel exhaustion.


The Mystery

MH370 Mystery Solved

On March 8, 2014, MH370 vanished while traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The location of the aircraft and its 239 people onboard remain unknown despite massive international search efforts. The flight went out of the trace of the radar and is still missing. It has been a decade since the flight is missing.

What do you think about this mystery? Will the developments aid the potential breakthrough? Let us know.

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