Strange Discovery: ‘Mermaid’ Globster Found On Papua New Guinea’s Beach

Mermaid found in PNG

Many people, including professionals, have been perplexed by an unexplained creature that washed up on a beach in Papua New Guinea. The photographs, shared on Facebook, triggered a mermaid-related discussion among netizens. The photographs depict a blob of decaying flesh shaped like a mermaid. The bizarre creature has been called a “mermaid globster” due to its intriguing look and also the legends that it invokes. Continue reading to know more about it.


Is It A Mermaid?

Mermaid in Papua New Guinea

Islanders on Simberi Island in the Bismarck Sea off the coast of Papua New Guinea discovered a strange, pale, and decaying mass that looked like a mermaid. Although specialists aren’t sure what it is, it’s more likely to be a marine creature than a fantasy monster. According to Live Science, a globster is an unexplained organic substance that washes ashore.

It is impossible to establish where these odd lumps came from as much of the carcass has rotted away, and the majority are missing body bits that end up falling off at sea. Large chunks of the creature’s flesh and the majority of its head are gone.

According to NIO representatives speaking to Live Science, there is no information regarding the body’s size or weight because it was not carefully measured before being buried by the community. Furthermore, no DNA samples were taken, making precise identification difficult or impossible.


Experts’ Opinions On The Creature

Mermaid in PNG

According to LiveScience, specialists have numerous opinions about what the creature may be. Some suggested that it may be a dead shark or whale. Other experts guessed that it could be the sea creature Dugong. “It looks like a very decomposed cetacean to me,” said Sascha Hooker, a marine mammal researcher at the University of St Andrews. She went on to say that when a shark or whale dies, and its skin slips off, they change into the hue seen in the photos. “My best estimate is that it might be a Dugong,” Jens Currie told the site. He is the Pacific Whale Foundation’s principal scientist. According to Helene Marsh, an environmental expert at James Cook University in Australia, it resembles a marine animal. She spoke with Live Science about it.

What do you think this is? Do you have any opinions on it? Do you also think it is a marine animal? Also, Tell us your opinions in the comment section provided below. We are looking forward to your response. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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