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Meet Lorraine Bright Aka Kiran Bhatt: Love Story Of Mahesh Bhatt’s First Wife And Pooja Bhatt’s Mom

Mahesh Bhatt Lorraine Bright Kiran Bhatt Love Story

Mahesh Bhatt and controversy go hand in hand, whether related to his latest visit to Bigg Boss’ house or his love life. The well-known director, nevertheless, doesn’t seem phased by anything. Mahesh Bhatt first married Lorraine Bright.


Lorraine Bright: Mahesh’s Childhood Sweetheart


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The first woman in Mahesh Bhatt’s life was Lorraine Bright, later known as Kiran Bhatt. When he was in school, he first encountered her. Lorraine attended a Scottish orphanage in Bombay and was a Catholic. Their relationship quickly developed into an affair, which caused Lorraine to lose her schooling.

“I would jump across the wall to meet her but, when we got caught, she had to leave the orphanage. I got her enrolled at the YWCA so that she could become a typist and fend for herself. All along, I kept working. I made ads for Dalda and Lifebuoy.”


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They both married each other when they were 20 years old. At this point, she decided to go by Kiran Bhatt. Pooja Bhatt, their first child, was born when Mahesh was 21 years old.


The Extramarital Affair

Following Mahesh’s extramarital affair with Parveen Babi, their relationship soured. Mahesh Bhatt once said,

“I was married to Kiran, had a child, and was responsible for both of them. Still, my physical self was drawn to another woman.”

Lorraine Bhatt Mukesh Bhatt

After she split up with Kabir Bedi, Parveen was at the height of her career when Mahesh Bhatt first met her. She was dealing with a difficult time. He hadn’t yet divorced Kiran when the two began living together. Two years later, Parveen began experiencing panic attacks and was apparently given the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. He tried his best to care for her; he even flew her to the US and moved to Bengaluru with her. Before Mahesh realized he couldn’t cure and save Parveen, their love lasted 2.5 years.


Mahesh Bhatt And Soni Razdan


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They kept their connection a secret for a very long time. He was unable to separate from his wife. He told Soni’s father,

“When I met Soni Razdan, it was like a replay in my life. Soni’s father asked me how I planned to end my ties with Kiran and I said, “with permanence”. But I would not divorce Kiran.”


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As a result, he converted to his mother’s religion and wed Soni Razdan. Shaheen and Alia Bhatt are the daughters of the couple. However, later, things got better. Pooja Bhatt once said,

“I grew up with a father who supposedly went on to marry somebody else and have another family. I do not feel that way. In fact, I was very moved one day. Soni and I were on a recce to Conoor, and she was sitting outside, and she said, ‘Pooja, I want to tell you I felt so guilty,’ and I said, ‘Soni, why do you need to feel guilty? You never broke any marriage up.’ That marriage was long dead.”



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