Boris Kipriyanovich Shocking Revelations About Mars Proves that He Is From Other Planet


The scientists are planning to make Mars as the second home. Moreover, they are always curious if any species live on Mars. Perhaps, there are no firm proofs about the aliens on Mars but there is this Russian boy Boris Kipriyanovich claims himself to be a Martian boy. Maybe, this seems like a bluff to us but he is showing many signs that will make you believe in him.

Martian Boy Boris Kipriyanovich

Boris Kipriyanovich

He has been showing extraordinary signs since the day he born. His mother said, “It all happened so fast I did not even feel any pain. When they showed me the baby, he looked at me with a look of an adult. As a physician, I knew babies eyes cannot focus on objects. However, my little baby looked at me with his big brown eyes. ” When he was just 4 months old he spoke simple words and at the age of 8 months he grew accustomed to speak simple sentences. Moreover, by the time his age was 1 year, he was able to read the simple headlines of the newspapers.


Extra Ordinary Intelligence

martian boy

Since an early age, he displayed his extra ordinary intelligence. To conclude, he had achieved amazing language skill at the age of 2. Moreover, he started talking about the universe at the age of 3.


Martian Civilization

martian boy

He described about his previous life, which was on the planet Mars according to him. He added that the Martian civilization was utterly advanced that it could travel through the galaxies. Moreover, they live underground as the environment was infected by the radiation in a nuclear war. Furthermore, he told that he had visited earth on several occasions.


Spacecrafts Of The Martians

martian boy

He claimed that he also visited earth during the Lemurian Civilization.  Moreover, he told about his self-designed spacecraft. He said, “It consists of six layers,” he said. “25%-outer layer, made of durable metal, 30%-second layer made of something similar to rubber, the third layer comprises 30%-once again metal. The final 4% is composed of a special magnetic layer.” “If we are to charge this magnetic layer with energy, those machines will be able to fly anywhere in the Universe.”


Everything Was True What He Said

martian boy

He further added about the Lemurian Civilization and told that he has seen the end of that civilization 70,000 years ago. His parents did not believe him so they researched about the things he said and they found them true.

Telling about the Lemurian Civilization, he talked about the lifestyle of the Martians and told that they cannot breathe oxygen as it ages them. To conclude, the Martians stay young for 30-35 years. Even the scientists could not find the flaws in his revelations.

What do you think about Boris Kipriyanovich? Is he a Martian or he is just bluffing, share your logic in the comments.

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