Photo Of Manipur School Girls Dragging A Bus Out Of The Mud Shows The Girl Power

Manipur School GirlsManipur School Girls



Well, there won’t be any person who doesn’t like hill areas. And the adventurous freaks love those sudden bends and curves in hill regions.

Just imagine what happens when your bike or car gets stuck in mud on the steep road.

The Manipuri girls who were on a study trip to Loktak lake, the largest fresh water lake in north-east India found themselves in the middle of sudden crisis. Their bus got stuck in the mud and the driver was unable to start.

What happened next is awesome.

Instead of waiting for someone, all the girls formed a human chain and pulled the bus out of the mud.

See the image of the girls pulling the bus out of the mud which was posted by a Twitter user, Lawai BemBem, and captioned, “Manipuri girls went for a study tour to Loktak Lake. Bus gets stuck in mud. Girls pull bus up and break the internet,”

It received stupendous appreciation from people.

Most of the people hailed the image as a great example of women power.

Here are some of the reactions.

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