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MP Man Marries Two Women; His Girlfriend And Bride Chosen By Parents At Same Time

Man Marries Two Womenvia

Love is a precious feeling. It is very common to fall in love with someone before marriage. Many times, the family is against the love marriage. But there are also cases where parents happily marry their children they love. Recently, a bizarre kind of marriage happened in Keria Village of Madhya Pradesh. A man marries two women at the same time and at the same mandap. One girl is his girlfriend and the second girl is the bride chosen by his parents. The marriage ceremony happened in the presence of villagers and all the family members in Keria Village under Ghodadongri block. It is about 40 km from Betul district headquarters.

Man Marries Two Women

According to the reports, the groom married both women in the same mandap and at the same time with all the formalities and the rituals. Sandeep Uike, a tribal youth, also took vows to spend the rest of his life with his two wives. Sandeep solemnized the marriage by taking saath phere around the sacred fire with both the brides. The two women are one from the Hoshangabad district and another from the Koyalari village of Ghodadongri block. Sandeep fell in love with a girl from the Hoshangabad district when he was studying in Bhopal. However, during this time, his family decided to marry him to a girl of their choice. This led to a dispute among all the three families. A meeting was held in the Panchayat to resolve this issue.

Man Marries Two Women

The decision has been made that if both women are ready to live together with Sandeep Uike, then both of them should marry him. To everyone’s surprise, both the girls agreed to this. A vice-president of Janpad Panchayat Ghodadongri, Mishrilal Parate, witnesses to the marriage and told that no families had an objection to the wedding.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to take permission from the administration to organize the wedding functions. However, Monika Vishwakarma, Ghodadongri Tehsildar said that no such permission for this marriage was sought or given. The district administration will investigate the matter.

The marrying two women at the same time are not legally forbidden. But to be honest it is morally wrong. What do you guys think about this bizarre marriage? Let us know in the comments below.

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