Man Found Chicken In Paneer Biryani After He Ordered From Zomato; Restaurant Responds

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Due to the quick growth of the digital infrastructure and the availability of mobile phones, a bigger portion of the Indian population can now use meal delivery services, which has become a central element of the Indian food sector. Companies have been able to extend their clientele and enter new areas because of this improved accessibility. However, as these services grow, they also have difficulties like guaranteeing food safety and cleanliness. As demonstrated by a Twitter user’s post about an incident involving his friend’s family ordering from Zomato during the holy Sawan month, the rising volume of food delivery orders raises the risk of contamination of food and order mix-ups. Read on to know more.


The Claim Against Zomato Ordered Food


In an extensively read tweet, Ashwini Shrivastava said that his family had bought a family package of paneer biryani. The price of the online order from the well-known restaurant “Behrouz Biryani” was Rs. 1228. They were offered chicken biryani in its place, much to their surprise. This tweet stated:

“My friend is in Varanasi with his family during this holy month of Sawan. He had ordered family pack Paneer veg biryani (worth ₹ 1228) from the famous ‘@BehrouzBiryani’ through @zomato, but they made them eat chicken biryani instead! @deepigoyal”

Videos in the tweet contradicted the “Veg” label on the paneer biryani packaging by showing chicken bits within. Ashwini complained that “Behrouz Biryani” and Zomato had broken the family’s religious beliefs because they never eat meat. Added,

“This family never eats meat, but due to Zomato and the Varanasi’s famous ‘Behrouz Biryani’, their religious beliefs have been violated! Initially, they didn’t even realize that it was actually chicken biryani because even paneer biryani’s paneer is wrapped in a besan (gram flour) covering, and they had ordered paneer biryani. It was only when they tasted it that they realized it was something else.”

Chicken in Behrouz Paneer Biryani
Ashwini Shrivastava/Twitter

Ashwini queried the accountability, claiming that Behrouz Biryani had instructed the family to contact Zomato, who subsequently provided them with hotel information. He continued by writing,

“From the order box to the billing, everywhere it is written Paneer veg Biryani, so why it is Chicken Biryani instead? Why is Zomato and the famous Behrouz Biryani in Varanasi is playing with the people’s religious beliefs? These people were about to leave for the temple after having their meal. Even before that, their religious beliefs have been violated due to Zomato & Behrouz. When they called the Behrouz Biryani, they were told to contact Zomato, and when they called Zomato, they were told to talk to the hotel! After all, Who is responsible for this?”

Here is the tweet


Zomato And Restaurant’s Reaction

Zomato App

‘Behrouz Biryani’ apologized for the poor experience in reply to the tweet. They also asked Ashwini to provide the phone number to ensure a speedy resolution. They wrote in a tweet,

“Hi Ashwini! That is certainly not the experience we intend for our customers, and we apologize as your experience has been hampered. Kindly DM us your contact number so that we can fix this for you. (AZ)”

The unverified Zomato Care account also expressed regret and assured Ashwini that they would look into the situation. They claimed,

“Hi Ashwini, apologies for the mishap. We never intended to do that. We will get this checked immediately.”


Public’s Reaction

The tweet gathered popularity and received a variety of responses.

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