Maintaining Your White Shirts: A Quick Overview

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The search to find the perfect white shirt can take a significant amount of your time and effort. You need to make decisions about the brand, design, fabric, fit, collar, cuffs, and price. Therefore, when you finally get that precious piece of apparel home, you want to keep it spotless and usable for a long time. Unfortunately, even without you spilling your favorite drink on it, white shirts can lose their shape and hue over time. They can begin to look yellow or sometimes even grey after a few wash cycles. You can never compare a brand new stylish white shirt with your old one and say that they look identical.

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However, despite the challenges, a few useful tips can ensure that your luxury white shirt stays pristine. In this article, we look at a few useful tips that can help you maintain your white shirt and keep it spotless for a long time.

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  • Separating the whites: It is vital for you to ensure that you don’t wash your whites along with other colors. While an array of washing machines gives the advantage of mixed settings, there are some cloth dyes that leak small particles that can be transferred and after a few wash cycles, turn your stylish white shirts grey.
  • Washing regularly: This may sound surprising but washing your white shirts frequently is one of the vital steps to its maintenance. While it is a fact that regular washing can hamper the durability of clothes, your perfect whites are an exception. Luxury white shirts can retain body oils and perspiration that can change their color to yellow over time. Frequent washing can ensure that there is no such build-up.
  • Eliminating stain transfer: It is equally important to separate your whites with other soiled whites while washing. Throwing a dirty white shirt or t-shirt with your brand new stylish white shirt can result in a stain transfer. Thus, make it a thumb rule to not let anything in your machine while cleaning those brand-new white shirts.
  • Increase the water temperatures: The hotter the better. While it is typically not ideal to wash your clothes in boiling water, your stylish white shirts can benefit from it. Hot water temperatures are efficient in removing dirt, however, be aware that not all fabrics can withstand extreme temperatures. Don’t put your expensive white linen shirt in boiling water as it would only make things worse.
  • The perfect amount of detergent: There is a common misconception that putting extra detergent will help you get a better wash. Always measure your detergent and put the right amount as mentioned on the packaging. Anything extra can leave your white shirt looking dull.
  • Don’t use fabric softeners: While it is tempting to add a fabric softener to make your white shirts even more comfortable, it can do you more harm than good. Fabric softeners leave a residue that can attract soil to the fibers. This can make your white shirts look yellow and dull over time.
  • Check before drying: It is important for you to do a final check as soon as you take your white shirts out of the washing machine. If a stain remains, do not put it up for drying as it can make it permanent. The ideal solution would be to rewash it before putting it into the dryer.

We hope that these tips will help you keep your white shirts in mint condition for a long time. While maintenance is integral to ensure the longevity of your luxury white shirts, purchasing from a renowned brand is equally important. Andamen is one of the finest fashion brands in the country, dedicated to progressive Indian men who invest in their style.

Explore their website and order premium white shirts that are durable and effortlessly stylish.

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