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Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages—Which One Is Better?


“Marriages are made in heaven”. Marriage is a sacred bond which unites two individuals and two families. Both marriage systems have it’s own pros and cons.  Everyone will have their own preferences in choosing partner.

It’s continuous debate going on among individuals which one is better. Let’s see both the contexts in broader terms.


Love Marriages

True love is something not easy to get. Most of the people fall in love without knowing what is love. It is much seen among teenagers. There is nothing like love at first sight. It is an infatuation, a sexual attraction where teenagers and youth feels it is love. Whether it is a boy or a girl, they first see external beauty and then love comes later after several friendly meetings.  However, there are both successful love marriages and failure love marriages.


1. There is a mutual understanding between the partners before marriage.  They know each other likes and dislikes.

2. The expectations from the partner are very high. Both teenagers and youth get attracted to movies environment a lot and by seeing they except their boy friend or girl friend to do the same. If they do so, it leads to marriage or else it leads to break up. 

3. Love fades as you go along but if you continue to love that person after marriage, you will find that person to be a perfect life partner

4. It is the matter between two individuals. So, if parents accept it is fine or else family member’s feelings have to be taken utmost care.

5. If couple gets married against to the wish of the parents and if something worse happens after marriage, it is the girl who has to bear consequences as there won’t be support from family.

Arranged Marriages

Both sides, parents check the horoscope of the bride and bride groom then verifies the wealth, family environment, job etc. After that only marriage will take place. Even though, technology has improved and lot of changes came, still, in India, caste plays a major role in marriages.


1. No one knows each other so obviously no understanding in the initial stage.

2. They accept and adjust right from the marriage day and so not much expectations as in love marriages.

3. Love builds up as you go along. Love starts after marriage and so they love both merits and demerits of the partner. They get to know each other likings and dislikings. Girl expresses love in preparing favorite dish of the partner etc.

4. Arranged marriages unite two different families. It’s no longer about you and your partner.  So, if any disputes, parents effectively resolve it or mitigate it

5. If some worse case happens, parents happily invite the girl back and take care of her. There is support from family members in the case of arranged marriages.

Exceptions are always there in every point and every context.

Instead of love marriage or arranged marriage alone, the combination of love and arranged, arranged and love will work better to some extent.

Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, if couples are ready to make compromises, trust each other, care and love with no pretenses to keep, respect each other feelings, Co-operate and help each other, patient enough to solve any problem that comes in the way then such bond, such marriage lasts happily till the end irrespective of any hardships.



Let’s know what is your opinion on Love marriages and arranged marriages. What do you think?

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