Check Out The List Of World’s Most Traffic Congested Cities

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There are more than 353000 babies are born per day as per UNICEF. The number is huge and the World’s population keeps growing. This is one of the biggest reasons for traffic. The traffic problem is there in almost every country in the world. Many countries are encouraging their citizens to use public transports to reduce traffic.¬†China is Word’s most populous country, followed by India. But the way the population of India is increasing, soon it will take over China’s no.1 spot. A location technology company TomTom has conducted a study on traffic congestion in 416 cities in 57 countries. The result is really worrying for Indians and there are four Indian cities in the list of top 10 World’s most traffic congested cities.


10. Jakarta – Indonesia

Traffic congested cities

At no. 10, it is the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. The congestion level is 53%.


9. Istanbul – Turkey

Traffic congested cities

Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey is at no. 9 and it has a congestion level of 55%.


8. New Delhi – India

Traffic congested cities

The capital of India, New Delhi is at no. 8. One of the most crowded cities in India has a congestion level of 56%.

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