Know Some Lesser Known Things About Darknet, The Dark Side Of Internet

It Is Not Illegal To Access But It Can Lead You To Trouble


The Internet has become an important part of our life. We can have all sorts of information. However, what we see through the Google search engine is just a fraction of the information that is available on the World Wide Web. The rest of the information is known as the darknet and it can be accessed through by using some software. Let us take a look at some other things about the Darknet a.k.a. darknet.


1. Separate Versions Of Social Media Sites On Darknet


Facebook gas a separate version of Darknet, this makes the user untraceable. There are many other social media sites that allow the users to connect to each other.


2. No Record Of Web History


The web history is not recorded on Darknet but the police can track/ trace the criminals down.


3. Police Stalk The Active Users


Darknet is the network used for illegal trading so the police keep a special eye on the active users.


4. Being Used For Illegal Drugs And Body Trades


This section is predominantly used for drug, body trades and weapon trading. This is used to keep the information secret when the activity is illegal.

Ravi Dabas
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