Legendary Disabled Olympic Shooter Károly Takács Story Inspired R Balki’s Ghoomer

Know About Károly Takács, The Illustrious Disabled Olympic Shooter Whose Life's Work Served As The Inspiration For Balki's Ghoomer.

Ghoomer Inspired On Karoly Takacs

Saiyami Kher and Abhishek Bachchan will both appear in R Balki’s Ghoomer. Abhishek plays the cricket coach in this sports drama, and Saiyami plays a player with a disability. On August 18, the movie will be released in theaters. Not known to many people, the life of Olympic medalist athlete Károly Takács served as an unintentional guide for the film Ghoomer. Continue Reading.


The Plot Of Ghoomer

Ghoomer On Karoly Takacs

The story of the movie centers on Anina, a young girl whose destiny dramatically changes after she tragically loses one of her hands. She then decides to give up playing cricket, but a persistent, failed cricketer gives her newfound hope. He exposes her to cutting-edge training methods and helps her hone her bowling skill.


About Károly Takács?

Karoly Takacs

Károly Takács, a native of Budapest, enrolled in the Hungarian Army as a young man. By 1936, he had quickly risen to the status of a well-known marksman due to his prowess with the handgun. Takács suffered a serious injury in 1938 while taking part in his training as a soldier when a grenade explosion went wrong.

His strong right hand was rendered useless due to the injury, but he continued to pursue shooting despite this setback. He worked hard to become an expert left-handed shooter. The story of Abhishek Bachchan’s movie “Ghoomer” is very similar to his extraordinary trip.


Saiyami Acknowledged That Yuvraj Singh Served As Her Inspiration

Saiyami Kher Ghoomer

According to Filmfare, she stated, “Ghoomer is a film about accomplishment for me. And Yuv’s profession has been a triumphant inspiration. A sportsperson prepares mentally as much as physically. I believe Yuvraj’s tale has motivated me and many others like me.”

Abhishek Bachchan Ghoomer

“To get cancer when at the height of his professional success and to recover from it says a lot about his mental toughness. I can’t wait for Yuvi to witness my passion for cricket.”

Ivanka Das, Nasir Khan, Angad Bedi, Shabana Azmi, and others also appear in Ghoomer. Amitabh Bachchan said in his blog,

“So yes, I saw Ghoomer back to back twice.. Sunday afternoon.. and then at night again.. and the verdict is beyond mention.. simply incredible.. eyes have been in the aqua flow from the very first frame.. and when the progeny is involved, they flow copiously.”

Your emotions are triggered, and you feel a human connection via Anina’s journey. The performance of Abhishek Bachchan as Paddy is excellent. Ghoomer movie is about the inexhaustible human spirit that refuses to quit for anything. One can achieve any impossible task to fulfill their aspirations.

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