KRK Reported To Income Tax About Kangana Ranaut’s Property

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Kangana Ranaut is now in the news for all the wrong reasons. The actress is involved in many controversies. There is no doubt that it is a great opportunity for all the controversy lovers to take a dig at her. Moreover, we all know about KRK. The man is one of the most controversial and probably a super villain of social media. All in all, he never misses the chance to display his ill wit and lousy humor.


Surrounded By Controversies

kangana ranuat

In a recent interview Kangana Ranaut revealed some controversial secrets about her conflict with Hrithik Roshan. For that, she gained quite negative popularity. KRK took the chance and he targeted her with his words. No doubt, that is what KRK do. The self-acclaimed critic chronically involves in controversies. We have seen him many times disrespecting the work of other actors and eventually hiding his own flaws. However, this time he did something unusual.


It Is Not “Daddy Da Cash”

Kangana Ranaut

The sister of Kangana Ranaut, Rangoli talked about the assets her sister has. Moreover, she highlighted that it is earned by all Kangana Ranaut. To this, KRK could not resist the impulse to report it to the income tax.


Twitter Against KRK

In respond to KRK’s tweet, Rangoli made a couple of tweets that how the self-proclaimed best critics, KRK did not read the full tweet and just after reading a fraction of the tweet he went on complaining. The tweet got a lot of support from twitterati. Although, KRK got a little support for his tweet but it was negligible if we compare it with the hateful comments he got.

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