Virat Kohli To Walk Around Shirtless If India Wins 2019 World Cup

Virat Kohli via

Cricket may not be the national game of our country but we Indians get too excited if we win any game. Such is the spirit of it. Not only the fans but the cricketers also sometimes get very excited themselves. Who can forget the iconic moment in Lords when Sourav Ganguly took his shirt off. It was the final match of the Natwest trophy and India won it against England. Following his steps, now cricketer Virat Kohli promises to walk shirtless if India wins 2019 World Cup.

Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly is still remembered for his act. That memory is etched in our hearts. And now the very fit Indian skipper Virat Kohli says that he will walk around shirtless in Oxford street in England if India wins 2019 World Cup.


The Interview

This conversation took place at the event launch of Boria Majumdar’s book. The title of the book is “Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians”. In the launch, Ganguly in Kohli’s presence said,

“He will take his shirt off in Oxford-street. He continued, “We better get our cameras ready. Kohli has his six packs. I won’t be surprised if he takes his shirt off.”

Virat Kohli Shirtless

To this Virat Kohli replied by saying that he will walk shirtless. He also mentioned that even Hardik Pandya and Jaspreet Bumrah will join him as they also have six packs. And also, he told that there will be a few candidates more for this.

“I don’t think it will only be me. For sure, Hardik will be following me. 120 per cent. Bumrah is there as well because he has six packs too. He is there in the game. There will be a few candidates.”

Kohli recalled how he was only 13 when India chased down England’s score of 325 on July 13, 2002. He lost hope and got to sleep.

“I clearly remember that night. The game started brilliantly. Those totals were very difficult to get. I slept off when we were five down. I went off to sleep. My brother woke me up and he said we were winning. I was like: ‘what are you talking about?’”

Watch The Video Here

Kohli and Ganguly were enjoying themselves and Kohli burst into laughter when Ganguly told him that Laxman tried to stop him from removing his shirt.

These moments are very necessary for every game as they give fans something to remember forever. While cricket is a light-hearted game, sometimes things get messy. Recently, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi tweeted about Kashmir and got badly trolled. Read here the full story.