Journalist Publishes Kapil Sharma’s Abusive And Threatening Call – Watch Video

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Kapil Sharma is in really big trouble. Seems like, the stars aren’t good for the comedian. Once on the height of success, Kapil is surely not in a good position right now. The latest trouble for him arose when SpotboyE’s journalist Vicky Lalwani published his call with latter where Kapil is clearly abusing and threatening him.


Kapil’s Tweets

Recently, Kapil Sharma did an abusive rant on twitter against the government, media and specially SpotboyE. This was because they published everything negative about him. He abused even his fans who replied to him criticizing him. Then, he tweeted that this wasn’t him and his account was hacked by someone. But on the morning of 7th, he published another tweet in which he said whatever he wrote earlier was from his heart. He said that he isn’t afraid of any reporter.


1. “Don’t Spread Negativity”

Kapil Sharma Journalist


2. “Would Have Hanged Such People To Death”


3. “How Can You Forget My Hard Work?”

Kapil Sharma


4. Abuses Journalist Openly

Kapil's tweets


5. “No Need To Spread Negative News”


6. “Account Was Hacked”

Kapil Tweet


7. “My Team Deleted Tweets, I Wrote From My Heart”


The Exact Matter With Journalist

Kapil in trouble

Kapil has blamed SpotboyE and their journalist Vicky Lalwani for publishing negative news about him. He then allegedly called Vicky Lalwani and threatened and abused him very badly. The latter recorded the call and published an audio of the conversation between the two of them. Also, Kapil is heard abusing him very badly. He even says things like, “Teri beti mere saath sona chahti hai”. Kapil even told him to stop faking news about him and sell his daughter to earn money. Even SpotboyE’s official account on the Twitter tweeted about it.


Kapil has filed a police complaint against Vicky. Also, Kapil and team are blaming journalist Vicky Lalwani for putting Kapil into depression. Confirmation of the authenticity of the call is yet to happen. Moreover, it can be fake or fabricated also. But one thing is for sure. There is something seriously wrong with Kapil and he needs to get back to his senses as soon as possible. Also, he has to consider his habit of drunk tweeting.


Listen To The Recording Here

If these recordings are true, we can’t even think of him saying all those things. Moreover, we and all Kapil fans just hope and pray he gets back from depression soon. Also, all of this matter was started with Kapil’s abusive tweets. So, Click here to read all of his abusive tweets which were deleted later.