Kapil Sharma Takes Out His Rage On Media, Abuses On Twitter – Check Out His Tweets

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Kapil Sharma is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. First, his public fight with Sunil Grover, then ‘Firangi’ not performing well, after that his new show ‘Family Time with Kapil’ and now his highly offensive tweets on twitter about media. Seems like this string of failures has gotten the best of him and he’s unable to handle is anger right now.

Kapil In The Middle Of Controversies Again

Kapil Sharma

After a long wait from his previous show, Kapil was ready with his team with a brand new show but just after airing for one week, the audience didn’t seem to like the concept of the show. Plus they said that it lacked the comedy timing and fun element. After getting such harsh feedback Kapil had put up a show on twitter.


Kapil’s Deleted Tweets

Kapil Sharma

He started off by abusing the media for showing fake news just for the sake of money. Says media can do anything to gain money and abused in an unhealthy manner.

Kapil Sharma

Following that tweet came another one where he targeted Spotboye and his editor Vicky Lalwani. All filled up with bad abusive words, to damage his reputation. He says that people can do anything for fake news if he was a prime minister he would have convicted these media reporters and editors.

Kapil Sharma

However, after all this drama on twitter, all the tweets were deleted and a fresh tweet came out saying that it wasn’t Kapil saying all those things. His account was hacked and he apologized for the inconvenience.


Check Out His Latest Tweet


Kapil Files A Report

Now comes another twist when Kapil says that all the tweets were deleted by his team and whatever was said was straight from his heart and he meant it. His Tweet read  “Maine jo b likha tha apne dil se likha tha.. it was my team who deleted my tweets .. But main is kutte bikaayu reporter se darne wala nahi hu..  he can write anything for anybody just for few bucks. Shameless (Whatever I wrote was straight from my heart.. It was my team who deleted my tweets. But I am not going to be scared of this dog and greedy reporter.. He can write anything for anybody just for few bucks. Shameless.”

Along with that, he accused Vicky Lawani, Preeti and Neeti Simoes of extorting him to pay 25 lakhs. He also shared the images of his report on Twitter.


ANI’s Story Coverage

News agency ANI says Kapil is upset about spreading ‘fake ‘ news about him. In a Tweet ANI tweets about Vicky Lalwani who says Kapil had called him and abused him. “Apparently he’s upset from some news about him. But I was only doing my job” Kapil also abused his daughter that was low of him.

For now, Kapil hasn’t apologized for whatever he said. We’re hoping a word from him.

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