These Steamy Kissing Scenes Redefined Romanticism In Bollywood

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5. Karishma Kapoor And Aamir Khan – Raja Hindustani 1996

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Karishma Kapoor and Aamir Khan both were famous for playing traditional style roles. However, the kissing scene surprised everyone and forced the viewers to modify their thoughts.


6. Rani Mukerji And Kamal Hassan – Hey Ram 2000

kissing scenes

The sensuous kissing scene between Rani and Kamal gained more popularity than the movie did. However, this popularity was negative.


7. Mallika Sherawat And Himanshu Malik – Khwahish, 2003

kissing scenes

Undoubtedly, Mallika has an image of making bold statements and doing hot scenes in movies. However, the movie Khwahish contains 17 hot kissing scenes to display a new level of her boldness.

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