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Does Kissing Count As Cheating In A Relationship? This Is What Survey Say

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We all have a stereotypical thought that most men are overprotective and possessive over their girlfriends to a point where it has been justified. It is seen as a normal trait in both genders of the relationship because where there is love, they will surely want the other person all for themselves. However, a recent survey shows that only 50% of men consider kissing as cheating in a relationship which is quite shocking and new.


Where Does The Line Lie?


When in a relationship, loyalty is something expected from both sides. Only when the other person is loyal, there is a sense of mutual trust and the relationship can function smoothly. Your partner won’t really disturb you until you cross their comfort level and do something. Where does the general comfort level of men lie according to this survey? Let’s find out.


Different Opinions Between Men And Women

Cheating Kissing

Apparently, infidelity is different from person to person. While sleeping with someone behind your partners back is counted as infidelity, for some men, even flirting with someone else counts as infidelity. However, according to this survey conducted by BBC Radio 5 Live,

  • 73% Of Women Consider Kissing As Cheating
  • 50% Of Men Consider Kissing As Cheating


Surprising Opinions About Cheating


The majority of people agreed that sleeping with someone is cheating (91%). I am not sure what kind of kinks the rest of the 9% are into but the majority agreed unanimously on this. And in this age of technology and the internet, the internet too is manifested to give erotic pleasures. While surveying about that,

  • 75% Of Women Considered Cybersex As Cheating and only
  • 50% Of Men Considered Cybersex As Cheating

Other than that, being on dating apps while being in a relationship is also agreed to be a form of cheating (40%) which is pretty obvious. Around 2,066 people were questioned for this survey and they expressed their opinions on cheating and relationships. They also felt that s*x education prepares them for their s*x life later (53%).


Experts Conclusion

Experts summarized this survey simply stating that when the partners in the relationship make their preferences and comfort zones clear to each other, there should not be any issues. Some are very protective, some more laid back. Having a simple and honest conversation about your comfort zones and what you expect out of your partner should help avoid issues. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out, these simple rules to follow on your first date for better results.

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