Kavita Devi: First Indian Female Wrestler To Fight At Wrestlemania


It was a great moment of pride for India as the local girl, Kavita Devi made history by becoming the first Indian woman wrestler to participate in a WWE event. She made her WWE debut in the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Though she did not triumph, she did manage to catch the attention of the WE officials.


Devi’s Discovery In Dubai

Kavita Devi

Kavita Devi was discovered at a historical WWE tryout drive in April. Her physical powers managed to woo the scouts from WWE. Due to her impressive physical stature, she was dubbed to fare well in the wrestling industry and was also tipped to start her journey at the Summer’s Mae Young Classic.


Devi And Other Indians At WWE


It was no just Devi who has made tried her luck at the WWE, other Indians such as the Great Khali and Jinder Mahal who just became the first ever Indian to be the United States Champion. Devi is only the third Indian managed to achieve this feat.

Kavita, who was part of the summers Mae Young classic tournament, managed to pass all the necessary hurdles and has now managed to bag a WWE contract, becoming the first Indian process to have done so. The contractual announcement was made by the WWE Champion Jinder when he visited Delhi.


Devi Is Looking Forward To The Challenge

Kavita Devi

She voiced her delight at the new challenge. Devi even said that she learned from a very positive experience at the Summer’s Mae Young Classic Tournament which had some of the best female wrestlers in the world. She is now looking forward to her WWE journey and pushes forward to becoming the best female wrestler in the world. She also dreams of becoming the first Indian to win the women’s WWE Championship.


Who Is Kavita Devi?

Kavita Devi

Devi is a famous Indian Power-Lifter who secured Gold at the South Asian Games in 2016. She was an accomplished Kabaddi player during the school years and learned her skills under the mentorship of former WWE Champion, The Great Khali. She will now train at the Orlando WWE Performance Center.


Check Out Her Interview From Wrestlemania 34


Check Out The Reaction

Kavita Devi is an inspiration to all the girls in India and she is sure to make India proud at the world stage.

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