The Video Of Karnataka Girl Saving Her Brother From Raging Cow Is Must See

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We treat actor and actress in movies as hero and heroine which is a big blunder. They are just “reel heroes” who work for money or for their livelihood just like any other job. They must be called as actors, not heroes. Unfortunately, most of the people even worship them ignoring the “real heroes” soldiers because of whom we all are living peacefully even those actors in movies.

We see many heroes in real life who save people in danger. This time, you will be astonished by the bravery act of the eight-year-old girl who protects her young brother from a raging cow’s attack.

Yes. You read it right!

The CCTV footage recorded in a village in Karnataka’s Uttara Kannada district shows a little girl displaying the presence of mind to protect her younger brother from a raging cow’s attack.

On February 13th, the 8-year-old girl, Aarti was playing with her four-year-old brother Kartik outside their house when the incident took place. Aarti was pushing around her brother on a toy car. Suddenly, a raging cow came from somewhere and attacked at them.

Aarti tried her best to push her brother towards a corner to move away from the angry cow. However, the cow continues to attack the little boy. Eventually, in order to save her sibling, the girl picks her brother and turns her back towards the cow, risking her own life.

Arati’s mother said, “This shows that girls are not any less than boys. Initially, we did not understand the gravity of the incident. Only when we watched the CCTV footage did we realise that Arati had fought back and saved the child. Had she not applied her mind, Kartik’s life would have been in danger”.

Aarti’s quick-thinking saved her brother from being severely injured.


Arati said, “I had no time to think. At that moment, my only aim was to save my brother. Thank God, he escaped unhurt.”

Really, she showed the power of love that exists between blood-related brothers and sisters. Hope they will continue that love forever until the end of their life.

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