Watch: Kalki 2898 AD Morning Show Gets Canceled In Pune, Fans Demand Free Snacks And Vouchers

Kalki 2898AD IMAX Show Pune Canceled

Ever since Kalki 2898 AD hit the big screens, it has received a lot of love from fans. From massively advanced bookings to the tag of the second-highest Hindi opener, the film has made its space at the box office. Well, many elements of the futuristic science fiction have left the audience impressed but a few Pune fans seem disappointed. The morning IMAX screening of Kalki 2898 AD at Cinepolis Westend Mall, Pune was canceled abruptly, leaving fans furious. In return for the abrupt cancellation, fans demand free snacks and vouchers.


Kalki 2898 AD Morning Show Gets Cancelled In Pune

A viral video on the internet shows a customer approaching Cinepolis, Westend Mall employees in Pune after Prabhas’ most recent film’s 8:30 AM showing was canceled owing to technical difficulties. The irate individual may even be seen requesting coupons and also free food on behalf of other impacted parties. The audience’s disappointment and rage were audibly heard in the video.

“I have my job to resume at 12 o’clock. 8:30 to 11:30 was the show. I have come here especially to watch inIMAX. Why should I compensate my experience because of your negligence? We all have taken half-day leave from our jobs to come here. You should have informed us that there was another theatre and we could have booked it over there.” The irate customer continued to outline his demands: “You have to give us 10 vouchers per person if you cannot play this show. Plus, we are going to watch a movie here itself. I am okay with any other movie. And if it crosses 11:30, refreshments are on you. We won’t be paying a single penny for that.”

The Cinepolis Westend Mall theater management has not yet released an official comment on the cancellation and the requests of the customers. The person who shared the incident informs that the issue is resolved by posting, “Finally the issue is resolved. Good gesture by theatre owners finally. They heard the voice.”


Users React

Kalki 2898 AD Movie

Appreciating the demands, other X users react to the incident. Here’s how they respond:

“Matured way of handling the situation without getting mad on theatre owners.”

Another user shared another incident about how the 7:25 am show was delayed and started at 8:30 am. The delayed show was at INOX, Inorbit Mall, Mumbai. One of the users also stated that the same happened on Black Panther 2 first day.

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