India Wishes South African Jonty Rhodes ‘India’ Happy Birthday

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These days, in India itself there are some sorts of people who name their children as ‘Pinky’, ‘Tommy’, etc. No, not nick names, some parents put these as their children real names which have utterly no meaning at all.

Of course there are still so many people who keep god and saint names or scientist names for their children. And, yes there is some sense in it.

The former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes saw greatness in the name “India” itself and kept his daughter name as India.

Yes, he said that he loves the rich mix of culture, heritage and tradition in India. And it was because of this fondness for the country, he named his daughter India.

Jonty Rhodes has spent a lot of time in India during IPL. He has been the fielding coach for IPL team Mumbai Indians. His daughter, “India Jeanne” was born in 2015 at a hospital in Mumbai.

Celebrating his daughter's second birthday on Sunday, "I really like that combination. You have to have a good balance of life. With the name like India, she will have the best of both worlds and that sort of balance," he had said.

She received special birthday wishes which came from the 1.2 billion people of the country she was named after.

Happy Birthday India, From India'. PM Narendra Modi Wishes Jonty Rhodes' Daughter

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