Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down? RIP Cartoon Network Trends On Social Media; Everything To Know

Cartoon Network Is Not Shutting Downvia

From 8 in the morning till 5 in the evening the only channel that was allowed in our childhood was Cartoon Network. Do you remember the days when your eyes were glued to the cartoons of CN? Well, Cartoon Networks is one of the most popular and oldest cartoon channels. It shows a series of different cartoons and kid shows. But recently, #RIPCartoonNetwork has been trending on X. People have been increasingly trending the hashtags. Is Cartoon Network shutting down? Here’s what you should know.


Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down?

The animated video posted by Animation Workers Ignited went viral. The video stated,

“Cartoon Network is essentially dead and other big animation studios are not far behind. What happened to all the animation workers? Many are unemployed in record numbers, with some jobless for over a year, despite carrying the industry during the pandemic. When Covid first hit, animation was able to operate completely remotely, making it one of the only forms of entertainment that could continue production uninterrupted. But studios repaid them by cancelling projects, outsourcing jobs, and laying off artists en masse.”

Well, CN is not really shutting down. If there still exist CN lovers, they can release a sigh of relief. The video was posted to highlight the struggles of cartoon channels and animators. It blamed these problems on avarice, asserting that large studios strengthened their finances by lowering expenses and staffing fewer people, which benefited CEOs and other executives. It asked fans to follow the account for further methods to support the cause and to spread the message by posting about their favorite Cartoon Network episodes with the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork. Well, the trend shows the real struggles of not only CN but other similar channels.


Users React To The Trend

Cartoon Network Is Not Dead

#RIPCartoonNetwork has gained a lot of attention. People have been trending the hashtag ever since it was posted. The post welcomed mixed reactions, here’s how different users reacted to the trend:

Many users sympathized with the animators who struggled with different issues. People also shared their favorite cartoon scenes. While sharing the cartoons that stay close to fans’ hearts, many fans also demanded a few shows to make a comeback.

Many users appreciated the initiative and many shared their story.

What do you think about this trend?

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