These Inspiring Young Indian Women Are The Role Models For Many

Inspiring Young Indian Womenvia

9. Bhakti Sharma


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Bhakti Sharma is the first Asian and the youngest person to set a world record in the open water swimming. She holds the record for swimming the longest distance in Antarctica’s freezing waters, 2.28 kilometers in 41 minutes. She has swum in all five oceans of the world, in addition to swimming in or across eight other seas and channels. She was also given the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award in 2010.


10. Manya Singh


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Manya Singh has been very recently declared as the runner-up of Miss India 2020. Her story is an inspiration for everyone afraid to dream big. She is the daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver. To help support her family, she worked as a dishwasher at a Pizza Hut and a call center at night. Manya overcame many difficulties in her life, including not being able to pay her school fees or afford books and being shunned by her classmates because she was the daughter of an auto driver.


11. Mahua Moitra


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Mahua Moitra, a TMC MP, is known for her speeches and on-point interviews. She is one of our country’s few politicians who still speaks her mind and fights for what is right. She is a role model for all young people who are afraid to speak their minds and express their views. She is a ray of hope in a country where politicians are considered to be dishonest.

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