Watch: IndiGo Passenger Requests To Open Flight Window To Spit Gutka; Air Hostess’s Reaction Is Going Viral

IndiGo Airlines Gutkha Incident

Occasionally customers and passengers can indeed make the most bizarre and funny requests at the most unexpected moments. One of these videos, including one of the weirdest demands ever made by an IndiGo passenger, was posted on Instagram. The young man in the video asks a female flight attendant to open the window so he can spit gutka out. The video is funny even though the person appeared to be joking.


Indigo Passenger Requests To Open The Flight Window To Spit Gutka

IndiGo Passenger Bizarre Request

On social media, a new funny incident video has lately gone viral. An IndiGo flight was where the incident took place. In the viral video, a man is rubbing something in his palm while sitting on an aisle seat. He then suddenly contacts an air hostess to ask her to open the window so he can spit out the gutka. “Excuse me, could you please open the window? I need to spit out gutka,” the man can be heard saying. After hearing the passenger’s strange yet funny request, the air hostess laughs out loud rather than becoming angry. The video, which is on Instagram by Govind Sharma, is of less than 10 seconds.

It was also too funny for the other passengers to control their laughter, not just the air hostess. Another person seated on the opposite side of his aisle caught the strange request’s creator laughing as well. The entire video might have been a funny prank. The passenger may not have genuinely wanted the window opened but was only trying to get the air hostess’ reaction.


Several Other Incidents Happening On Flight Recently

IndiGo Airline Flight

This event came after several complaints about unruly passengers acting inappropriately while flying. On a trip from New York to Delhi on November 26, a supposedly drunk man allegedly peed on an elderly woman. As soon as possible, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation launched an investigation and issued a show-cause notice to Air India and the crew members who were on board the flight that day. Online videos have also revealed several additional instances of flyers staging a scene while they are in the air. Another incident included Tejasvi Surya, a BJP member from Karnataka. He claimed to have unintentionally opened an IndiGo flight’s emergency evacuation door. However, he eventually expressed regret for his conduct.


Netizens’ React To The Viral Video Of IndiGo Passenger

IndiGo Flight

The fact that this video made everyone laugh amid all the controversy was refreshing to internet users. The video was successful in gaining a lot of attention and amusing remarks. The video has also received millions of views and likes. Several hilarious comments are also present in the comment section of the video, like “Gutka matters” and “Kanpur flights have upgraded this feature.”

The video’s sharer, Govind Sharma, is an Indore-based content creator. On Instagram, he has about 3,750 followers. His goal was to make a humorous Instagram reel. Additionally, Sharma invited fans to tag their gutka-loving friends in the caption as his clip gained popularity. Additionally, because of the recent string of incidents with passengers misbehaving on flights, some people anticipate that this occurrence will also be problematic. The strange request from this passenger, however, made the other travelers laugh aloud.

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