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PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals conducted a poll and labeled two vegetarians as India’s Hottest Vegetarian for 2018. They are none other than the famous Anushka Sharma and Kartik Aaryan.


India’s Hottest Vegetarian For 2018


The poll was conducted on the website of PETA and Anushka and Kartik were voted as the most desirable and won their titles.  This is the first time Kartik has won this title. However, Anushka Sharma had earlier won this title back in 2016 as well. In 2017, she was named PETA’s Person Of The Year. She is a self-proclaimed vegetarian and has even said in an ad campaign shot for PETA that,

“I’m Anushka Sharma and I’m a vegetarian.”

In addition, Anushka Sharma promotes being a vegetarian. When asked about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, she stated,

“I have more energy, I feel healthier, and I’m so happy that no animals had to suffer for my meals.”

Kartik however, adapted to the vegetarian lifestyle after he was deeply moved by a video which displayed the cruelty in the meat industry. While talking about it, he said,

“The kindest thing anybody can do for cows, pigs, chickens, and all animals is to stop eating them”.


Sachin Bangera, PETA’s Associate Director of Celebrity and Public Relations said,

“Anushka Sharma and Kartik Aaryan are saving animals by keeping them off their plates, and by sharing their commitment to being meat-free with the world. Their compassion makes them as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and that makes them winners in our book.”

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