Shocking Fact!! Indian Wives Ranked Third In Beating Husbands

Beating HusbandsBeating Husbands

Gone are those days where husband beats wife and in-laws harassing daughter-in-law and of course even killed and brutally burnt her as part of dowry harassment.

When I was in my schooling, every day I used to see dowry cases of women in news papers and TV where in-laws and husband kill her by litting fire and treating her badly by beating.


In 2009, study by the notable medical journal The Lancet published a shocking revelation that in one year, at least 106,000 women were killed by fires in their homes in India


After so many years of struggle, the law made strict favoring women.

Seems it is true, “what you give to others that come to you back”.

Now it’s quite opposite.

In the recent study conducted by UN, the statistics has revealed shocking facts of domestic violence against husband.

According to the data, wives are said to use kitchen tools and rolling pins to beat husbands.


When it comes to abusing and beating husband, Egypt ranked number one and UK at two.

Surprisingly, India grabbed the third place.



Of course there are women who harass and beats husband and puts false dowry cases on in-laws family where the good ones suffer.

On the other hand, there are women who really suffer due to bad marriage even though law is strict.

It may sound funny or serious to see India in thrid place.

Whatever the situation, seems it is true in kaliyuga that.”Good ones suffer and bad ones escape”, whether it is women or men.

What all can be done is just to be careful while choosing life partner.

What do you say?

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