Indian Army Officer Beaten to a Pulp for Simply Being North Indian – WTF!

An Indian army soldier is shifted for treatment to a hospital after he was injured during a gunbattle with armed suspected militants at Pindi Khattar village in Arnia border sector, about 43 kilometers (27 miles) south of Jammu, India, Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014. Heavily armed suspected militants fought a fierce gunbattle with soldiers in the Indian portion of Kashmir on Thursday, and three civilians were among the nine dead, authorities said. Arnia is the sector where Indian and Pakistani troops had exchanged massive shelling and firing in late September and October, killing 20 people and wounding more than 100 on both sides. (AP Photo/Channi Anand)



In what may resemble a macabre scene from a horror movie, 33-year-old army Major was almost beaten to a pulp by an auto driver on Kaggadasapura main road, Bengaluru, near the SCT Institute of Technology at around 5 pm Friday.


And what’s even more sinister and twisted, according to eyewitnesses, is the reason for the assault. Reportedly, following a barrage of tongue lashing directed at the major for simply being a North Indian, whom in the opinion of the auto driver—who drew up this conclusion because the victim’s registration plate was from Harynana—accused the Major for not knowing how to drive on city roads. When nobody else was lending a helping hand to the victim despite his repeated pleas, a techie came to the victim’s rescue by pushing everybody out of the way to intercede.  


“I was behind the victim’s car and witnessed the whole incident. The major was innocent and the auto driver picked a fight for no reason. The victim did not even come out of the car and was unable to understand the language in which the driver was speaking. Four other passersby, who were in no way connected to the incident, ganged up with the driver and started damaging the vehicle. The victim was then pulled out of the car and badly beaten. There were nearly 40 onlookers and nobody came to the victim’s rescue. I started pushing the assailants, asking them not to beat him as he would die. With great difficulty, I rescued the victim and the accused ran away,” said the techie Murali Kartik.


It is quite unimaginable this day and age that people with such low IQ even exist!


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