Amazon Is Making New Headphones And Its Amazing, Check Out


If you were already annoyed by people so hooked to their music and causing accidents or stopping the traffic, this news from Amazon will blow you away. 


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It is rumored that Amazon has been working on a new technology for headphones. It is said  that it can cancel out the noise from outside when it is worn and lets you be on a noise free zone. But the amazing part of the news is it turns off when someone calls out your name.


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The science behind the headphones is that it plays frequencies opposite of whatever is happening around you and thus zones off them. And it is designed to recognize keywords (read as you name) to switch it off. The patent for the noise cancellation using keyword spotting was released to the public earlier this June.

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Now I don't have to worry about missing out my mom calling my name and me missing it as I was wearing my headphone.


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