These Are The Top 10 Indian Cities With Amazing Nightlife

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65% of the Indian population is under 35. India is a country of youth and full of energy. Indian youth didn’t remain untouched with the growing trends of fashion and lifestyle. Nightlife is one of the most important parts of today’s lifestyle. After a hectic 9-hours day shift, young minds need refreshments. Pub’s nightclubs and restaurants all together make nightlife amazing. Here we bring you the top Indian cities with amazing nightlife.


1. Mumbai


Mumbai, the dream city of India also known as Mayanagri and glamour city. Mumbai is the hub of Bollywood. It celebrates nightlife like anything. Nightclubs, bars, pubs, and various restaurants made nightlife of Mumbaikars special. Several DJ’s and celebrities are also there to add stunning flavor in nightlife. It has an amazing nightlife.


2. Goa

GOA amazing nightlife

Goa is the place for parties and is famous for its amazing nightlife. In India, one in every second youth wants to party in Goa. Such is the craze of the Goa. This is one of the most popular destinations India has. Not only Indians but also people from various countries visit Goa to party harder.  Disco Jazz, parties, cocktails, casinos and whatnot which made it the perfect destination for tourists.


3. Jaipur


The pink city of India, Jaipur gives a totally different kind of nightlife experience. It comprises huge party palaces, music concerts, and light shows. Devil’s Club, Angara, Waves, Cafe Kooba, B2B is there to multiply the fun of nightlife.


4. Pune

pune nightlife

Due to the hub of information technology, several national and multinational companies operate from Pune which keeps Pune growing this city with an immense speed. Pune’s greenery and pleasant weather attract youngsters. Cyclone, Havana, Miami, Pasha, Club Polaris, CO2 Lounge and Hard Rock Cafe are some of the popular places in Pune to enjoy the nightlife.


5. Chandigarh 


Punjabis are always fun-loving and it reflects in Chandigarh too. The thrilling nightlife of Chandigarh dominated with Punjabi music all over in nightclubs. Oriental Lounge, Lava Bar, Zinc Lounge, Antidote, Arizona and Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar all of these clubs turn every night into a roller coaster ride.