These Incredible Places In India That Glow In The Dark

Incredible Places In India That Glow In The Darkvia

India is a country of rich heritage and countless attractions. The country is among the most popular tourist destination in the world. The country stands apart with its remarkable mountains and the sea. From the breathtaking natural phenomenon to ancient structures, India has many reasons to attract tourists. But did you know there are some incredible places in India that glow in the dark? The amazing part is not only one place but many places glow in the dark. Here is the list of incredible places in India that glow in the dark.


1. Purushwadi Forest In Maharashtra

Purushwadi Forest In Maharashtra

This tribal village of Maharashtra attracts a large number of visitors during summers. You will be surprised to know the reason for the large number of tourists, and those are millions of fireflies. Moonless night, a beautiful forest, and thousand of fireflies that lit up the forest is a dream come true. If you visit this place during May and June, you will witness the mesmerizing scene of dotted trees with these fireflies. A firefly festival is celebrated in this region. Trackers visit this spot to watch the fireflies in all their glory.


2. Betalbatim Beach In Goa

Betalbatim Beach In Goa

Beach loves; you must be surprised to know that Goa also has a beach that glows in the dark. The Betalbatim Beach situated in South Goa is known for pristine white sands. The beach is also ideal for Dolphin spotting and watching beautiful sunsets. This beach glows in the dark due to bioluminescence in its waters. If you are planning to visit Goa, don’t forget to visit this beautiful beach.


3. West Jaintia Hills In Meghalaya

West Jaintia Hills In Meghalaya

Researchers from India and China went to West Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya; upon hearing about ‘electric mushrooms,’ they are not prepared for another surprise. The local guide asked them to switch off their phones and torches, and then magic happened. The researchers can’t believe their eyes when they saw tiny mushrooms that grew on dead bamboo sticks, and they emitted light on their own. They were bioluminescent, like avatar movies. The locals use these mushrooms to navigate the forests. It was found that these electric mushrooms are a new species from the genus Roridomyces.


4. Mattu Beach In Karnataka

Mattu Beach In Karnataka

You have heard of people gazing at the night sky. But, if we tell you that you can gaze upon a glowing water body as well, will you be surprised to know? Several water bodies on the beach of Karnataka, Mumbai, and Goa emit light at one point in time. This glow is due to a microorganism called Noctiluca scintillans. It is commonly known as sea sparkle. The light is emitted when the marine species are disturbed.


5. Ahupe Village In Maharashtra

Ahupe Village In Maharashtra

A small tribal village called Ahupe near the Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve in Maharashtra is worth a visit. During monsoon, the forest lights up due to a bacterium called Mycena. This bacterium has a unique ability to light up when they are present near a huge amount of moisture. Visit this village during the monsoon to have a breathtaking view.


6. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary In Goa

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

You can find glowing mushrooms in the forest trails of Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. This reserve is a paradise for wildlife lovers, from Bengal tigers and Black Panthers to parakeets and flycatchers. During monsoon, this forest also becomes home to glow-in-the-dark Mycena mushrooms. A green landscape covered with glowing mushrooms.


7. Juhu Beach, Maharashtra

Juhu Beach at Night, Mumbai

Juhu beach in Mumbai is one of the most popular beaches in India. If you visit Mumbai, this is one of the things to do in Mumbai. When you see Juhu beach at night, you will witness the shimmering shade of electric blue due to a microorganism. It emits light when disturbed, called Noctiluca Scintillans. The best time to visit Juhu beach is after 8 PM to witness the sparkling blue waves.

Are you surprised to know about these breathtaking and incredible places in India that glow in the dark? Have you visited any of these places? How was your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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