Why It Is Important To Choose Ethnic Footwear For Men

Ethnic footwear menvia

Every year we have various festivals and functions. Without a doubt, women have many options to wear on every occasion, be it marriages, parties, clubs, offices, cultural events, etc. For every occasion, they have plenty of options to choose from like churidar, salwar suits, jeans, tees, tops, tracksuits, ethnic, lehenga, dresses, gowns, skirts, shorts, saree, and the list goes on. Not only clothes but also they have several options in footwear as well as heels, flats, wedges, shoes, sandals, flip-flops.

When we talk about men, they only have a handful of options like trousers, shirts, T-shirts, suits, blazers, jeans, kurta pyjamas, sherwani, etc. In footwear, the options are limited too.


Why Traditional Attire And Ethnic Footwear? 

Ethnic footwear men

Every year whether in festivals or in functions, wearing traditional gives a cultural and pleasant feeling. We can say that the feeling of festivals or functions comes with traditional clothes and ethnic footwear. At traditional functions or festivals, traditional attire always looks better. In the men’s wardrobe, you will see one thing that is overlooked always is the choice of footwear. Shoes speak a lot about you and your personality. You may find it surprising, but it is true. The right footwear is equally essential with right attire for any festivals and functions be it Indian or Western, party, function, or gym.

Ethnic footwear men

However, most of the time we see men always prefer shoes in functions. But, having casual shoes or footwear with traditional attire does not give an ethnic and traditional look. No matter how luxuriously you dress up, but if it has not matched with the right footwear, it can ruin your complete look. It is equally important to choose ethnic footwear for men. Let me take an example to help you understand, recently there was a wedding of businessman Anand Ahuja and Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. Anand Ahuja was trolled for wearing sports shoes at a wedding function. This example suits best when we talk about the traditional function dress. One mismatch and your entire look get under the scanner. There are many types of ethnic footwear for men and there are many options to choose from. Let us check a few of them.


Kolhapuri Chappals

Kolhapuri Chappals are very famous in India and they give you a decent look with your outfits. They look stylish, ethnic and are comfortable to wear.


Mojaris are the typical ethnic footwear and is a perfect match to any of your traditional outfits and attires. The embroidery work and pattern make it look stunning. 


Jutis are simple in style that looks elegant in any of the traditional attire you wear. Jutis can also be clubbed with denim and casual outfits.


Pathani is also one of the footwear that can go with traditional as well as casual outfits. It is a sandal like footwear and looks decent when paired with pathani suits, and kurta pyjamas.

These are the various type of ethnic footwear for men to wear in functions and festivals. So next time when you are planning for functions, give yourself a complete ethnic look.

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