8 Illegal Things We Do Everyday And Has To Be Stopped Immediately To Avoid Trouble

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Every day you do a lot of things that displease others. Moreover, these unmannerly things can make your character infamous. However, there are lot of illegal things that we do every day and that can cause us huge troubles. So, today we have brought you 8 such illegal things that we do chronically and almost every day.


1. Downloading From Torrent

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If you download movies or other stuff from torrent, then you can end up being in a serious problem. Furthermore, downloading data from torrent is illegal. So, if you have a desire to watch a movie, do not search it on torrent sites, just visit the nearby theater or wait for the world TV premier of the movie. Do not be a pirate!


2. Ad Blocker

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Most of us use Ad blocker to keep those annoying ads away. However, this is illegal and you can receive some serious punishments for this offense.


3. Texting While Driving

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You may be an inveterate driver and maybe your driving dexterity can outmatch any of the “Fast and Furious” drivers but that does not mean you can do texting and driving simultaneously. It is dangerous as well as illegal.


4. Using Fake Names On Social Media

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You may have seen so many fake users on social media. These fake users can generate controversies anytime. However, if you spot any Angel Priya (fake user) you can file a complaint against him/her.


5. Using Copyright Content

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You may use the images available on Google. But, do you know that most off the images are subjected to copyright? It is illegal to use these images on YouTube or somewhere else. Many, users get blocked on YouTube because of the copyright issues.


6. Hacking

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Online hacking may seem cool but it is illegal. It is a serious offence.


7. Eating Before Paying In The Store

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Most of us have a habit of testing the edible products before paying for them. If you are doing this in stores than you are just a complain letter away from the troubles.


8. Faking IP Address

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Next time you use the VPN just keep in mind that it can put you in serious trouble. If you are faking your IP, you are going against the laws of your Country.

If you do any of these things, just stop it before it leads you to any trouble. What do yo say about this? Share your thoughts.


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