What These 11 Famous Celebrities Were Doing Before Becoming Famous Will Surprise You




Some celebrities hide their past. On the other hand, there are other celebrities who shared their past with everyone. Hence, today we have brought you a list of 11 famous celebrities that shared their past publicly. So, let us find out what our favorite celebrities used to do before they reach the fame.


1. Madonna

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The prolific pop singer used to work at Dunkin Donuts in New York.


2. Jay Z

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It is really shocking that Jay Z used to be a drug dealer. He shared his past in an interview.


3. Channing Tatum

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Channing was a stripper. The American actor worked for nearly 8 months as a stripper when he was 19.


4. Hugh Jackman

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Before being famous as a heartthrob, Hugh Jackman was a Physical Education teacher in Uppingham School. No doubt, he knows about the values of physical education. Apart from it he also worked as a party clown charging $50 per show.


5. Amy Adams

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Amy Adams is one of the most famous celebrities now. However, before being famous she used to work at Hooters.


6. Jim Carrey

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The ultimate comedian Jim Carrey was  a cleaner in a factory.


7. Brad Pitt

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There was a time when the style icon Brad Pitt worked as a Salesman. He sold refrigerators for some months.


8. George Clooney

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Likewise Brad Pitt, George was also in the field of selling goods. He worked part time as a shoe salesman.


9. Tom Cruise

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Undoubtedly, Tom is one of the most famous celebrities. However, only a few of us know that he had a desire to become a priest, while he was working as a bell boy in a local hotel. Just think about, Mission Impossible series if Tom Cruise was a priest.


10. Gerard Butler

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The “King Leonidas” of Hollywood, Gerard Butler got his law degree from Glasgow University. However, he left the pursuit of a career as lawyer when he was rejected for job.


11. Jennifer Aniston

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Before her successful acting career, Jennifer used to work as a waitress and bike messenger. Apart from it she worked as a telemarketer for a small period of time.

Which one of these is the most surprising to you? Share your thoughts with us.  


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