IIT Student Asked PM Modi For His Garland – Here’s His Shocking Response

IIT Student Asks For PM's Garlandvia

It is not so often that we come across a leader of a nation that is benevolent, down to earth and generous, but India has been gifted with the same. Many people know of his kind and generous deeds on several occasions and events and here is, yet another such event.


IIT Student Asks For PM's Garland

When an IIT student tweeted saying he admired Prime Minister Modi’s colorful garland, he least expected to receive the very same from him as a gift! But you haven’t read it wrong, Surprisingly, PM Modi most definitely gifted his garland to this IIT student without a second thought.


Here’s What Happened

Rabesh Kumar, a Mechanical Engineering student from IIT attended PM Modi’s public rally in Madhya Pradesh. At the event, Rabesh noticed his beautiful garland from this event and swiftly tweeted about it. The English transcript of it reads,

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Namaste. I heard you during the Panchayat Raj Day; you gave a very nice speech. The golden coloured garland around your neck looked very nice, can I get it?”


IIT Student Asks For PM's Garland

No one expected this response that put a smile on many faces. PM Modi not only sent the garland, but he topped it off with a kind-hearted response in the form of a personal letter as well.


The letter reads (after translation):

I read your message on Twitter where you expressed the liking for the garland I wore at Mandla on Panchayat Raj Diwas. I’m sending you the garland along with this letter as a gift. I wish you the best for your future.


IIT Student Asks For PM's Garland

With his loving response, Rabesh wasted no time in posing with the garland and expressed his incredible happiness and gratitude for the lovely and unexpected gift.

Through such a simple yet kind action, PM Modi has proved yet again. Undeniably he has proved that he has utmost respect for the citizens. And that he can do anything for them. Modi has been winning over hearts lately by being his humble self. Check out this instance where he paused his speech for a very secular reason.

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