Hijab Clad Men Protest Against Regressive Dress Code In Iran – #MenInHijab


Protest against the regressive dress code for women in Iran #MenInHijab


Modesty Rules applies to both men and women under the doctrine of Islams. However, the circumstances are different in Iran. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the rules of dress code has been strict and extremely regressive for the women in Iran. Iranian women instructed to wear hijab or headscarf. Violation of such rules and law may attract rigorous fine or imprisonment.



Journalist Masih Alinejad, founder of My Stealthy Freedom, gave rise to social media campaign #MenInHijab, protest against such dress code. Men in Iran started wearing headscarf or hijab and posting pictures in the social media. Alinejad reported that, Men in Iran witnessed their female relatives suffering from such rigorous dress code and hence started supporting their women by wearing hijab.


The campaign #MenInHijab, received a stimulating response with men posting images in hijabs next to a women without covering their heads.

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