List of Highest Paid WWE Superstars As Per Forbes Is Out, Check Which Superstar Is On Top


Every fan is crazy for WWE Superstars. A World renowned WWE superstar have officially taken over Brock Lesnar as the highest paid WWE wrestler in the world. The report, published by Forbes, consists of financial figures from 2017. Brock Lesnar reigned as the highest paid WWE Superstar in 2016 with his earnings adding up to 16 million. But this superstar has dethroned him from the position and reached the top. Read on to find out who.

Brock Lesnar Overtaken In Earnings

If you’re wondering who all made it to the list, here’s the list:


10. Kevin Owens – $2.0 million

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens managed to shut off the haters when managed to beat John Cena in his Debut Match. People passed many comments when he first entered the industry saying his body type and looks aren’t suitable for a wrestler but today he’s one of the highest earning WWE superstar with over $2m per annum in his bank account.


9. AJ Styles – $2.1 Million

AJ Styles – $3

AJ Styles’ story is a bit different from the rest. He spent most of his time becoming the Wrestler that he could but couldn’t. Everyone knew that he could be a great star one day but something was missing. He went to Japan to learn psychology skills and character building and that’s when he became impossible. Today he’s one of the highest paid member of WWE championship and gets paid around $2.1m for his great performance.


8. Dean Ambrose – $2.2 million

Dean Ambrose

Next in the line of superstars is Dean Ambrose who looks innocent but is vicious in-ring style makes viewers awestruck. He might not be good at death matches but when he’s in the ring, he becomes someone else. That’s what is unique style got him, a fat cheque of over $2.2m every year.


7. The Undertaker – $2.5 million

The Undertaker – $2

Undertaker is the most known and beloved face of WWE Wrestlemania. His unique style, signature eye roll and deathly matches leaving opponents blood faced surely manages to gain the attraction of many WWE fans around the world. He’s been an active WWE superstar for years and his experience talks out loud in his matches. This superstar gets nothing less than $2.5m every year.


6. Seth Rollins – $2.7 million

Seth Rollins – $2

Seth Rollins has managed to surprise us with some of the most amazing matches in the WWE history. He’s one of the most good looking and talented wrestlers and manages to put up a show every time he’s in the ring. That’s not it, he manages to get an annual pay of around $2.7m not including bonus and big performance pay.

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