These Hidden Secrets Of Hotels Will Leave You In Shock




We are used to spending time in hotels, either it is a business tour or family vacation or trip with your gang. Hotels Industries have a lot of reputation to keep to retain their customers. Every business is focused towards maximizing profits and it seems that hotel industry has taken it quite seriously, knowing that they into customer services. They have just been focusing on the maintenance of their reputation and fooling their customers around. Here are a few points which will open some little but really dirty secrets about the hotel industry.  


1. Expensive During Morning And Little Late At Night


If you are reaching any hotel during the early hours, they will overcharge you because they know that during those hours they will have many walk-ins and if not you then some other will rent the room. Same is the case during the late hours of the day because at that time there are very few options available and they know it. Hence, they demand whatever they want. Avoid check-ins during these hours and try to get in around mid-day.


2. Charges For Keeping Personal Things In Mini-Bar


There are some hotels across the world who can charge you even if you don't use anything from the room's mini-bar. In this kind of cases, the hotel folks charge you even for keeping your personal stuff in it. Beware and stay alerted.


3. Last Minute Cancellations HotelsRef:

Hotels charge you more money in case of last minute cancellations but here's a hack for avoiding it. Yes, you can avoid paying those charges by postponing your booking for 3-4 days. Then, you can cancel your booking next day, prior to the last 24 hours. 


4. Hotel Rooms Space 


Prefer taking a room on the top floor or at the corners of the floors. Taking a room at either of these positions will avail you with extra space, in your room. This is a simple thing that hoteliers hide from their guests.


5. Not Appropriate Security


Often, it is seen that hotel fails to provide a full proof security because they don't bother to spend money on the security. Until it is a 3/4/5 star hotel, it is very likely that we will not see proper security.


6. Unwashed Coffee Machines


It is most likely to have happened that you must be unsatisfied with the hygiene level of your stay. Most often, it is noticed that coffee machines are not being washed for months.


7. Blankets Are Dirty


You must keep in mind that the blanket that you are being provided are washed just twice or thrice in a year.


8. Unclean Glasses


Most importantly, the glasses that you use to drink water are not washed. Glasses are just changed from one room to another. So, we suggest you to either drink water from the bottle directly or use disposables, instead.


9. Toilet Products


After you check out from the room, the products that were placed in your room's toilet are usually thrown. They are not used or transferred to any other room for utility.


10. Dead Bodies  


Yes, you might not ever realize this but this is the dirtiest secret of the hotel industry. Even if there was someone lying dead in some room of their hotel, they don't complete the procedure in a legit manner. Rather, they clean up the room sooner than usual and give to some other guest as soon as possible. It happens so fast that you would never have a doubt about something like this. 

At last, we would like to wish you very pleasant stay at the hotels in future but stay alerted. Keep your eyes and mind open, all the time. Have safe and happy experience.

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