It Is Not A Headless Body, It Is A Real Person, Can You Find It



If we just look at the figure, generally we would think it is just another photoshopped picture. However, this picture is not morphed, it is not the headless body, it is a real person. It is the adroitness of Serbian makeup artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic that made it one of the creepiest yet one of the coolest work of art.


A New Trend

headless body

Body painting is a cool art. It is a deceptive reality. The optical illusion displays the adroitness of the artists. Furthermore, it is a new trend nowadays, the body painters are getting recognized all over the world for their artistic values. Moreover, they are being followed by millions of people. Mirjana Kika Milosevic is an eminent name in Body painting arts. She got more than 97,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. However, this time she took the creativity to a new level and made a headless body.


A New Level Of Creativity

body painting

Undoubtedly, she never fails to trap our interest with her body painting skills. However, this time she had done something that we do not see usually. She made a perfect combination of the colors and paints to make her face blend with the black background. Moreover, she made the headless body which is hollow from the collarbone.


Over 97,000 Subscribers

body painting

Milosevic rose to fame when her NYX Face Awards Serbia 2016 optical illusion entry of a wooden puppet doll went viral. After that her YouTube channel got a boost in its popularity. Since then, her YouTube channel has accumulated more than 14 million views and 97,000 subscribers.

body painting

The picture has been confusing everyone over social media. And we can bet, it will give you, some tough time finding out if it is real or morphed. Well, you can watch the full video here.


See this to believe it and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.



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