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Does Your Grandparents Uses Facebook Extensively?



If your Grandparents are using Face book, Twitter extensively then here is the good news 🙂

Making friends on Facebook, chatting online or using instant messaging services on smartphones reduces BP and Diabetes.




A study done by US-based researcher, William Chopik from Michigan State University has discovered that usage of social technology by elderly people can improve self-rated health and mitigates chronic illnesses and depressive symptoms.

It is because, social media technology like emails, Twitter, Skype has the potential to cultivate successful relationships among elder people, said Chopik, the assistant professor of psychology.

Chopik team conducted survey on 600 participants with an average age of 68 to know the benefits of using technology for social connection.

“Each of the links between social technology use and physical and psychological health was mediated by reduced loneliness,” said William Chopik, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, US.


What The Survey Revealed?




The survey asked seniors about their use of social media like Facebook, video calls like Skype, and smartphones and it revealed the fact that people who are active on social media platforms are more satisfied with life and had fewer depressive symptoms as well as chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

More than 95% of the elderly participants in the study, said they were either “somewhat” or “very” satisfied with technology, while 72% said they were not opposed to learning new technologies.

The findings are published online in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.


So, what are you waiting for, If your grandparents are not using any social media site, open an account and gift them 🙂




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