Now Google Allows It’s Smartphone Users To ‘Search’ Without Internet



"If you don’t have Internet connection in your phone, don’t worry you can ‘search’ even then", says Google.

However, when there is no data connection in a smart phone even the most brilliant engineers cannot defeat the laws of physics and return the search results from the web.

Then how it’s possible?

Just that, the Google app will now won't tell offline users that it can't complete the search. It will queue up the search query and complete the search when the phone connects to internet.




Google is focusing a lot on improving the offline features in its app. Especially in India, people face lot many internet connectivity issues and this is not any solution to that but just makes it slightly more convenient to use the Google Search on smart phones.

"Mobile networks can sometimes be inconsistent or spotty, which means that even if you have a connection when you start your search, it might fail before you get your results back," Google’s Shekhar Sharad wrote on the company blog.


"With this change, search results are saved as soon as they are retrieved, even if you lose connection afterwards or go into airplane mode. So the next time you lose service, feel free to queue up your searches, put your phone away and carry on with your day. The Google app will work behind-the-scenes to detect when a connection is available again and deliver your search results once completed," he said.


For now the feature is available only on Google Search app for Android.

Just update your Google Search app today.


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